Lisa Lopresti (she/her/they/them) is a working- class published poet from the ship-shape, statue-toppling City of Bristol. Lisa is a workshop facilitator, a featured poet at spoken word, open mic events and she is thrilled to be regularly broadcast on local BBC Radio.
Birdsong Poetry is Lisa's freelance service for feature poetry and workshops. She has experience of Spoken Word open mic events, feature poet at events such as Berkeley Square Revue, Heron's, Coffee1# and Redcatch Community Garden. Widely published and interviewed about poetry with poems broadcast on communitity and BBC Radio Bristol. Member of The Poetry Society, Bristol Stanza Group and Satellite of Love Poetry Events Team, producing and performing community poetry, workshops and poetry events. She has a slimline poetry pamphlet called 'Bird Song and Nectar in the Silences' and an eco-poetry micro pamphlet 'Red Claw & Velvet'.
Previous collaborative work with BRAC (Bristol Refugee Art Collective), UWE art department & Bristol Stanza, providing poetry workshops for ‘Eyes Wide’ art exhibition. For Bristol Lyra Festival 2023, Walking Words audio poetry App and 2024 'Bonds' workshop. Birdsong Poetry workshops and events can be tailered to requirements.
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