Writing the City Workshop  
A welcoming poetry workshop with me, Lisa Lopresti of Birdsong Poetry is available and was a successful event as part of the Satellite of Love week of poetry. solpoetry.org.uk. Run on the wonderful lightship, the John Sebastian in Bristols floating harbour to write about the urban landscape, people, reflections and how nature intersects in this space.  The City is complex and interesting whereever writers are on thier writing journey. The workshop included a short walk, light refreshements and writing materials.
Poets who attended said 'wonderful' and 'warmly welcomed','friendly, informative and well prepared', 'reignited my imagination','I loved the subject and great location'.'Lisa is generous with inspiring writers','will always remember the scent of curried mint'
Poets shared thier words in the workshop and some went on to perform thier poems in the event open mic.